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      No matter where you are or what industry you are in, our team of experts can provide you with professional business solutions that make your business faster, simpler and more efficient.  As your partner, we provide you with independent third-party services to help you reduce risk, streamline processes, and improve the sustainability of your operations.

Madeown Introduction 

      Madeown is an international leading, honest and trustworthy organization with inspection, testing, auditing and certification. Our company has a knowledgeable, technical professional, experienced, excellent business industry elite team. We always focus on the expectations of our customers and society, deliver market-leading services when they need them, help them survive in an increasingly regulated market, and use our knowledge and expertise to help our customers address increasingly complex supply chain challenges, from legal compliance issues to trade challenges and market access, to drive global trade. Promote customer success in global markets. Our independent services add significant value to our clients' operations and ensure the sustainability of our business. We are a recognized global benchmark for quality and integrity.

Our core services

Inspection: We offer a full range of inspection and verification services, such as checking the status and weight of traded goods during transit, helping to control quantity and quality and meet all relevant regulatory requirements in different regions and markets.

Testing: We provide product compliance testing to verify the overall solution to assess whether your products and services meet or exceed safety, quality, performance and sustainability standards. Helps you reduce risk and time-to-market.
Audit: We provide a comprehensive range of supply chain management solutions to your supply chain with quality, safety, social and environmental responsibility audit services and capacity-building services to help you meet market and compliance requirements and compete in the market.
Certification: We provide corporate quality management system certification services, through which we can demonstrate to you that your products, processes, systems or services meet national and international standards and norms or customer-defined standards. 

Our Goal

      Madeown goal is to become the most competitive third-party service organization in the world.With the persistence and enthusiasm of all the staff, we are constantly improving and striving for perfection in the field of inspection, testing, auditing and certification services that we are good at, and always provide first-class service to local and global customers.

Our Vision

      Creating a more trustworthy world

Our Mission

      By managing our customers' assets, projects, products and systems for quality, health, safety, environmental and social responsibility, we can provide customers with fair services that exceed their expectations, help them enhance the value of their products, processes and assets, and meet end-user expectations for quality and safety, driving industry standards and an environment of integrity.

Our Advantage

Authority: Madeown is one of the members of APSCA, actively participates in and supports APSCA as a C Member, and is the authoritative auditing organization preferred by many buyers.

Professional: Madeown has been recognized by many international projects, its rigorous, professional industry recognized.

Efficient: One-stop process, one-to-one service, focusing on customer needs.

Science: Establish a targeted plan and provide suggestions for improvement.

Value-added: Regular free seminars and other activities to help companies understand the project content, process and rectification priorities.

Our Value 

      Our core values are honesty and trustworthiness, objectivity and impartiality, respect for individuals, social responsibilities and environmental responsibilities. These values are fixed and unconditional, and are the "glue" that each of us is associated with Madeown. It is these values that strengthen our team cohesion and are a long-term and reliable strategy to ensure healthy growth.

Honesty and trustworthiness

• Our actions follow the principles of sincerity, honesty and fairness.   

• We always fit our deeds to our words

• We express and honor our contracts and actions.   

• We comply with the company's policies and processes.

• We respect the confidentiality of our business and personal information.  • We respect local and international ethical and professional standards.

• We provide information, guidance and training when necessary to ensure the occupational health and safety of our workforce.

• We must all perform our health and safety responsibilities and responsibilities at work.

Objectivity and impartiality 
• We provide professional and impartial advice.   
• We provide accurate reporting of action records based on our best practices.

Respect for individuals

• We treat others the way we should.               

• We consider the impact of our personal actions on others.

• We strive to recognize individual contributions and receive accurate performance feedback. 

• We respect differences, care for others, and do not discriminate against others on race, descent, age, gender, or religious or political beliefs.

Social responsibilities 

• The company's growing social commitment creates new challenges that combine profitability with responsibility.    

• Aware of these new risks, new requirements and tasks have emerged within the company and have an impact on the organization and management of the company.

• Madeown and each of its employees consider the impact of their actions on society, people, and business. 

Environmental responsibilities

• Madeown ensures that we become good neighbors of the communities in which we do business by complying with laws and regulations and correct behavioral beliefs.

The history of Madeown 

      Madeown was established in the United States in 2017. The company is headquartered in Kezhou and is a third-party comprehensive service organization that integrates quality management, product inspection, factory auditing and certification. Since 2018, the company has been focusing on comprehensive solutions for supply chain management, and has been established the Madeown CHN Subsidiary in China, the China's operation center is set in Zhongshan, China. At present, MADEOWN has steadily grown into an industry promoter. We have achieved considerable results for customers such as reducing risks and improving production efficiency, helping customers achieve the results of effective and safe operations. At this stage, Madeown have been recognized by major brands, retailers, buyers and their supply chains.  Also through the company's global network, Madeown can provide tailor-made solutions tailored to the specific needs of the industry or sector. Nowadays, Madeown is committed to realizing business benefits for its customers through innovative solutions. This goal enables Madeown to better help customers improve their quality, safety, efficiency, and productivity, and to quickly bring products to market, reduce risks, and build trust in sustainable development.

Deliver more business value


We help companies develop effective health and safety systems to protect employees, create consumer confidence, and improve the credibility of their businesses. We help our clients follow best practices and comply with local, national and international regulations.


Our customers rely on our independent third-party inspection, inspection and audit solutions to ensure compliance with their products, services and processes. Our best-in-class technology and service network provides reliable quality certification and verification around the world.


Our global reputation for independence and integrity allows us to build trust anywhere. We provide transparent and fair inspection, testing and certification solutions to provide confidence in our customers' products, processes, systems and services.

Sustainable development

We help our customers proactively create a more responsible and sustainable future. We encourage our customers to take environmental responsibility in their operations and reduce the risk of corruption. Our services help businesses and organizations improve working conditions and social environment for sustainable development.


Our training solutions ensure productivity keeps pace with customer organizations. We can provide our customers with first-class productivity expertise. Targeted professional skills training can also be provided to clients' existing human resources.


Our tailor-made business solutions help our customers run their businesses simply and quickly. Use Madeown's expertise to deliver unparalleled results.

Reduce risk

We provide our customers with independent and impartial services that enable them to identify, manage and reduce risk. With Madeown's expertise, our experts provide risk prevention measures and provide appropriate risk management solutions. We assist industries in meeting international risk management standards.

Accelerating market entry

Meeting the requirements of the target market is the key to rapid entry to the market. Our inspection, audit and certification services help customers from all walks of life around the world meet the complex needs and challenges of their target markets.

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