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Integrity is at the heart of Madeown. Trust in our customers and their stakeholders is key to our success as a company.  

      As a promoter of this industry, we insist that we always meet the highest standards of professional conduct. The Integrity Code sets out the main principles of Madeown's professional integrity and expresses the values shared by our entire company and our businesses.

      We are committed to creating a culture that openly raises integrity and ethical issues and discusses them. Our employees and other stakeholders can receive guidance and support from acting on behalf of our company and familiarizing themselves with the Integrity Code to help them make the right decisions in the event of an ethical dilemma.

      Madeown is an international leading, honest and trustworthy organization with inspection, testing, auditing and certification. It is a trusted independent and professional third-party organization such as brand, trader, manufacturer, customer and government. Madeown's success stems from the trust it has gained from customers, employees, and other social groups with whom it does business. This trust is attributed to the collective efforts of Madeown employees. Madeown is committed to maintaining this trust through the effective implementation of the Code of Integrity. The company has developed an Integrity and Compliance Operation Process based on the Code of Integrity to ensure that the highest standards of integrity are applied to all our business activities in accordance with international best practices.

      The Integrity Compliance Manager is responsible for implementing procedures, managing employee sane behavior, and conducting investigations into alleged employee misconduct. The Integrity Compliance Manager also sets the standard of integrity we expect from our business partners. If a suspected Code of Integrity violation is found, you can submit a report, or call the Integrity Helpline, send a report by fax or email for advice.

      The Ethics Committee is responsible for ensuring that the Code of Integrity is implemented within the Company and speaks to management on all business ethics issues. It is also responsible for approving agreements regarding purchases or business development opportunities from intermediaries.

The Ethics Committee consists of 4 members who are


Executive Director:Mo Xu

General Manager:Anthony Lee

Deputy General Manager Member: Cherry Liu

Integrity and Compliance Manager: Amy Hao


"Maintaining professional integrity is the only way we can protect our market reputation in our dealings with customers, peers, suppliers and groups with whom we do business. This is a shared responsibility of every employee at Madeown."

Code of Integrity

      The Code of Integrity has been approved by the Company. It applies to all employees, managers and supervisors, as well as affiliates、contractors, consultants, freelancers, joint venture partners, agents, subcontractors, and anyone acting on or on behalf of Madeown must also comply with all aspects of this Code of Integrity that are not specific to our employees. The Code of Integrity sets out the main principles of professional integrity and expresses the values shared across Madeown, our businesses, and our subsidiaries. Following the Code of Integrity in the course of implementation, it should help anyone acting on Madeown's behalf to make the right decision.


Integrity Training

      Integrity is Madeown's core belief. We strive to adhere to high ethical standards and ensure that we operate around the world in accordance with internationally recognized best practices. To achieve this, we have developed the Integrity Compliance Operations Process based on the Integrity Guidelines. Every employee is required to read, understand, and comply with the content of the Code of Integrity and its principles. We ask our employees to take an active part in the annual integrity training course. As part of the orientation, new employees are required to complete e-learning programs based on the Madeown Code of Integrity.

Mandatory annual Training:

      To help employees establish values and principles in their daily work, we have launched two training programs that must be attended. Our annual Integrity Training program includes a course taught by trainers that introduces and extends the Code of Integrity. This training is a positive and effective way to reflect our values and encourage employees to share their daily experiences and solutions. Through this annual training program, employees can be promoted and motivated to ensure that the Code of Integrity is at the heart of our global services. Each employee's attendance record will be kept to ensure that all employees receive this basic training.

      Madeown supervisors and managers are required to receive more detailed training in their roles, including scenario planning for their own business scope and position.


      Our interactive e-learning programs help employees gain a comprehensive understanding of the principles and values of the Integrity Code and how they can be integrated into their daily work. All MADEOWN employees are required to complete this training. Training can be conducted in multiple languages at the beginning of the training. Once the Code of Integrity is introduced, new employees will need to successfully pass the test and obtain a certificate of completion.

Violations of the Code of Integrity:

To report a suspected violation of the Code of Integrity, you can call the Integrity Helpline or send it by fax or email。

Contact information

Compliance contact

Tel:86 760 87956108



Address:Room 1403, Sanxiang financial business center, No.3 Zhenhua Road, Sanxiang Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, China

Report integrity violations

      Employees and outsiders are encouraged to speak out and report to relevant parties when they are concerned or suspected that the Code of Integrity has been violated. We ensure that no one will face any form of reporting or incur any adverse consequences for seeking advice or reporting a violation of the Code of Integrity.

      Employees who have any questions about the meaning of the Code of Integrity or how to apply the Code of Integrity in specific situations should consult their supervisor or manager, human resources department or Madeown's Legal Department, or consult the auditor's Integrity Code Related matters

      Employees can always contact the Madeown Integrity Compliance Manager if they find it impossible or inappropriate to share their concerns with their front-line managers. We encourage employees to report violations of the Integrity Code or suspected violations of the Integrity Code to the Madeown Integrity Compliance Manager.

      Employees and outsiders can obtain advice or report violations of the Integrity Helpline through the Integrity Helpline. Written reports can also be submitted online or by fax or e-mail.

Compliance only investigates and handles genuine complaints: allegations of non-compliance, business claims, complaints that do not involve integrity issues, and business investigations. General concerns about management or specific issues related to a manager (not related to violations of the Integrity Code), and compensation disputes should be resolved within your department, through your supervisor or manager, or through Human Resources. If you are not confident that violations are reported, you should proceed under the guidance you have obtained.

      To report a suspected violation of the Code of Integrity, you can call the Integrity Helpline or send a written report by fax or e-mail.

Contact Information

Compliance Contact

Tel:86 760 87956108

E-mail: integrity@madeown.com

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AddressRoom 1403, Sanxiang financial business center, No.3 Zhenhua Road, Sanxiang Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, China

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