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Our responsibility

      As a global corporate citizen, Madeown is committed to sustainably operating in a responsible manner and managing operations with high standards of business integrity and professionalism. At the same time, we fully demonstrate our extensive practices and related policies in corporate social responsibility through documentation.

Social and environmental responsibility

      Madeown's corporate social responsibility strategies and practices are detailed in our corporate social responsibility report. We integrate environmental protection concepts and action plans into the business operations of various departments of the company, thereby achieving environmental sustainability on a global scale. At the same time, we will continue to seek new ways and approaches to reduce the risks and impacts of our own business operations on the environment. In our corporate social responsibility report, we have made a detailed introduction to Madeown's environmental policies and measures.

Equal and regulated business practices

      Reputation and integrity are one of our most important assets. Madeown adheres to high standards of professional conduct and is committed to treating employees in a regulated and fair manner, as well as doing business with stakeholders and third parties. Madeown's Code of Integrity sets out our guiding principles and rules for business conduct and other aspects. At the same time, the Madeown Code of Ethics and the "Zero Tolerance" Code set out the ethical standards that employees should abide by and the company's unethical behavior "Zero tolerance" position.

Community activities

      Madeown operates in several countries and understands the importance of relationships with the communities in which they operate. Our businesses and employees have undertaken a range of community service and charitable giving programs over the years. We focus on participating in and organizing social activities at the location of the company in order to gain the most direct social impact.


      We believe that an open and inclusive work climate can lead to greater success for our employees, customers, stakeholders and business partners. We respect the differences in our employees and encourage them to grow and progress through continuous training in all areas. Madeown is also striving to provide a safe and healthy working environment for its employees and to enforce the country's labor laws and regulations.


      As a third-party organization, Madeown complies with the company's management guidelines, ensures credibility and transparency, and performs related responsibilities to protect and enhance the value that Madeown creates for stakeholders and achieve the company's long-term development and success.

Our services

      Madeown's services cover almost all industries including leisure and tourism, information technology, public administration, agriculture, chemicals, healthcare, media and advertising, waste management, construction, real estate, education, automotive, consumer goods, telecommunications, energy , Aviation, facilities and mechanical engineering, trade, rail, transportation and logistics, finance and insurance, food, etc., can provide a series of services for products, goods and systems including inspection, testing, audit, certification. While cultivating traditional businesses, Madeown is always paying attention to the rise of emerging industries, and has developed new service methods and methods for this purpose, in order to better meet the needs of customers at different levels and in different target markets.

      In today's energy shortage and advocating low-carbon environmental protection, society, customers, and Madeown themselves have demanded that Madeown must provide newer quality and safety solutions that are greener, more environmentally friendly, and more in line with the laws of economic development. The technology research and development team relies on its global network and the joint efforts of experts in various industries around the world to provide innovative services for sustainable development.

Our footprint

      In view of the significant improvement in the public and society's recognition of corporate responsibility, responsible leadership has become a prerequisite for corporate recognition and lasting success. As a quality and safety service company, Madeown tests and tests the quality of its products, and audits its operating specifications and operating systems in accordance with the social responsibility standards of various organizations. We accept the commission of customers to assist customers' enterprises or products to achieve compliance in the direction of continuous improvement. At the same time, we also put ourselves in these norms in order to enhance the industry image of Madeown in self-restraint.

      Madeown is a global company and we understand that our actions affect our employees, customers, and the environment, communities, and consumers. Madeown's business activities are based on these stakeholders, strengthening relationships with stakeholders, and also enhancing the company's image and performance. For Madeown, corporate responsibility means that we develop clear and transparent guidelines for the company to ensure its success and future, taking into account economic, social, ethical and environmental considerations.

      Fulfill your responsibilities and open up the future. With this in mind, Madeown will continue to engage in more and broader corporate responsibility activities. Not only should we continue to strengthen the internal construction, but also go to the society, through the necessary team activities, fulfill Madeown's social responsibility, environmental responsibility, employee responsibility, actively disclose the content and results of these activities to stakeholders, and through exchanges with stakeholders, listen to their voices, with a view to continuous improvement, innovation, To convey to the public Madeown's open, rigorous and credible corporate image.

      Environmental responsibility involves all aspects of a company's business. Incorporate the "green" strategy into our core business, continuously improve our working environment in terms of management mechanisms, testing methods, technology research and development, and personnel awareness, and make efforts in areas such as water, energy, consumables, and waste to minimize the impact on damage of environment. Incorporate the "green" concept into all aspects of development.

      The implementation of social responsibility is to enhance Madeown's relationship with customers and society and the public, in the pursuit of business purposes, through charity and public welfare and community improvement activities to give back to the community, advocate and assume the mainstream values and ethics of society, fulfill the responsibility of corporate citizenship, so that our technology more broadly serve the community. Increase our access to new markets while gaining the support and trust of potential users.

      Employees are Madeown's most important asset and the driving force behind our overall and sustained growth. We want to broaden our employees' horizons by improving their working environment, engaging in recreational activities, providing more opportunities for development, and enhancing direct dialogue to broaden their horizons and to broaden their understanding of Madeown's role in society and our responsibilities to our stakeholders.

      Of course, all of this starts with each of us. Corporate responsibility is not an effect that can be achieved by a particular activity overnight, nor is it an indispensable embellishment. A successful corporate social responsibility strategy should be reflected in the goals of each department. It is related to the long-term development of Madeown. It is the core strength to improve company performance and build excellence. We expect it to be a consistent behavior that will affect more people, including us, on a more lasting basis.

      People expect us to set an example of sustainable behavior in our work and lifestyle. We also hope to show our responsibility through our own actions, share our knowledge, and invite other people in the same community to let us truly make a difference.

      We still face great challenges. As long as we can find out from time to time that we need to improve, we cannot claim to have fulfilled our responsibility. Every journey starts with a small step, but every small step is important. As long as we keep our promises and move forward, we have reason to look forward to a better future.

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