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      As a leading supplier of manufacturing inspections, we have trusted skills and resources to perform quality control tasks. As an independent third party notary in product quality, factory audits and certifications, we are the first choice for customers seeking global quality assurance. As product life cycles and time to market become shorter, the challenge of delivering quality products on time becomes more severe. Whether it is at the end of the production stage or later, if it is found that the product fails to meet the market's quality standards, it may result in the loss of products and revenue, the delay in delivery or the waste of materials, and the risk of customer dissatisfaction.

Business challenges

      Whether you are a manufacturer, importer or exporter of a product, you need to ensure the quality of your products throughout the supply chain, where it is key to win the trust of consumers with quality. In addition, as the trend of globalization intensifies, supply chains will develop simultaneously across multiple countries, making it more complex for producers, importers and exporters. So, are you facing the following challenges:

1. How to ensure consistency of quality of the goods?
2. How do you ensure that the quality of the product meets the needs of the local market?
3. How can we assess the quality of finished products more effectively and avoid trade risks?

      Madeown Consumer Product Inspection and Onsite Services will help you solve these problems! As an internationally recognized inspection, accreditation, testing and certification organization, Madeown provides consumer product inspection services that you can apply for at different stages of the product manufacturing process, from product design to product delivery.

What the service is

Product inspection is an important part of quality control, we will help you control the quality of products at different stages of the production process, effectively prevent product quality problems, help you to ensure production safety, ensure product quality, and protect brand image.

We will provide you with:

1.Make an appointment in advance for its way, dedicated customer service staff

You can always make an appointment inspection service, quickly place orders, keep track of the progress of the inspection order, your exclusive customer service will contact you to confirm the inspection arrangements.

2.Fast test results

Once the inspection is complete, you can obtain Madeown's preliminary inspection conclusions on site and receive the Madeown official inspection report within 24 hours to ensure that you ship on time.

3.Professional technical team, strict integrity management

Madeown's professional and technical teams located throughout the country provide you with professional services, and have an independent, open and impartial integrity supervision team, on-site inspection team random spot checks and arrival on-site supervision.

4.Customized personal service, interactive service experience

Madeown has the ability to implement the entire product supply chain, we will provide you with a tailored inspection service solution to your specific needs, targeted to solve the problems you need, and provide you with an independent interactive platform to collect your advice and service feedback on the inspection team, so that you can participate in the management of the inspection team. At the same time, according to your needs and feedback, we will also provide you with the testing training, quality management courses, technical seminars, interactive technical communication and communication.

Our services cover a range of products, but are not limited to this:


Textile leather products

Fabric Clothing

Household bedding

Shoes and hats

Umbrella, Tent

Bags, etc.


Toys, appliances

Tools, stationery

Gifts, Hand plutonium

Ceramics, Promotions

Kitchen supplies

Outdoor sporting goods

Christmas items, etc

Electrical and electronic products

IT Electronics

Electrical appliances

Audio-visual products

Lamps, electric cars

Hair and beauty products


Power tools, etc


Food, medicine

Mechanical products

Equipment accessories

Hardware products

Fresh food

Furniture, office equipment

Chain store inspection, etc

Our strengths

Our inspection services can cover the production stage of the product, for you to ensure product quality, optimize quality control processes and budget to provide solutions.

Our supply chain product compliance solution helps you control quality from the source, avoid three major losses, and reduce quality risks. Economic losses caused by product defects, reputation losses caused by product recalls, and transportation delay losses caused by product quality not meeting shipping requirements.

With many years of product quality management experience and a global service network, as well as service experience in various industries, you can keep us informed of the latest global quality requirements and standard regulatory knowledge with the times.

We have a global reputation for independence and notarization to deliver trust and accelerate success


Service Process

The role of the Madeown Inspection Service:

• Maintain and strengthen brand image and reputation

• Improve supplier performance and product quality to reduce the risk of product loss, scrap, non-payment and recycling

• Continuous improvement of quality systems and performance, benefiting both buyers and manufacturers

• Avoid delayed shipments, poor quality or wasted materials

• Ensure compliance with expected quality levels and demonstrate the safety and reliability of products for customer use or interaction

• Utilize the effectiveness of the plan and more effectively control quality inspection / control expenditures

Why Choose Madeown?

 Ensure that the products, machines and equipment you purchase meet professional quality and process requirements through professional inspections.

• Use technical documentation and purchase specifications, guidelines, standards and other related contract documents to ensure compliance with your products, machines and equipment.

• Ensure that your product is properly handled and secured during shipping.

We have extensive experience in quality control and have issued inspection reports that are recognized by the majority of buyers worldwide. We have a global service network, no matter which country your suppliers are in, we can bring you fast and timely localization services, our inspection reports can reach you within 24 hours after the end of inspection, to help you better understand the status of the goods purchased.  

In China we have all over the country's service outlets, your inspection needs will be our service staff quickly respond, our professional inspection staff will start from the nearest office location. To find out how we meet your product quality requirements, and how we can help you reduce the quality risk in the product procurement process, please feel free to contact us.

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