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Certification - We have extensive global recognition to provide certification services in almost every market in the world.

      We help you ensure that your customers meet their quality, safety, social and environmental responsibilities, as well as ethical standards, or increase market share by demonstrating that your business has implemented good practices and performance guidelines. Madeown offers system certifications to help you gain a competitive advantage in purchasing, manufacturing or sales in markets around the world. We have extensive global recognition to provide certification to a wide range of industries according to a wide range of international and local standards. At the same time, we offer a unique certification program to help build an eco-friendly environment and ensure that products and facilities comply with restricted or toxic regulations. Our Social Accountability Compliance Verification Program ensures that you and your suppliers comply with CSR values, ethical standards, and best industry practices

      Our Management System Compliance Certification Audit Program ensures compliance processes and enhances management systems, including general standard certification and industry standard certification. At the same time, we tailor the enterprise process optimization assessment program to help the organization continuously improve, promote transparency.

Why is the system certified by Madeown?

      We are always a leader in standards. If certified by Madeown, you will demonstrate to customers, competitors, suppliers, employees, and investors that you are not only applying the best practices that are respected in the industry, but also working with organizations that develop a number of such best practices.

      We are the industry's experienced certification body, with a number of system auditors around the world. This means minimizing disruption to your operations and saving costs, which allows you to maximize the benefits from evaluation and certification.

      Once you are certified, we will visit you regularly to assess whether your company continues to meet standard requirements and meet the best practices in the standards or programs. We will carefully select reviewers with relevant industry experience for your specific needs and ensure that their rich knowledge fits their specific needs.

Classification of Madeown System Certification

Benefits of Madeown System Certification

It helps you demonstrate to stakeholders that you are performing effective company operations.

The process of implementing and maintaining certification helps ensure continuous improvement in your company.

Regular assessment processes increase employee accountability, engagement, and motivation.

You'll get better overall performance and reduce costs.

You will broaden market opportunities.

What are the benefits of an effective management system?

Manage your social, environmental and financial risks.

Improve operational efficiency.

Reduce costs.

Increase customer and stakeholder satisfaction.

Protect your organization's brand and reputation.

Remove trade barriers.

Clean up the market.

How do I get certified?

      Madeown provides customers with total solutions. Not only do we test your company against standards, we also develop standards with independent experts. We have a thorough understanding of standards and know how to pass on our knowledge to your employees. So whether you want to be certified or maintained within your organization, we have you covered.

What are the certification processes?

1. Get in touch - tell us what you need and the criteria you want to get.

2. Proposals - We will provide you with a proposal that details the costs and time required for a formal assessment.

3. Meet your assessment team - We will appoint a dedicated account manager for you.

4. Training - We can offer panel discussions, seminars or training courses to bring your company's personnel up to the level of certification.

5. Pre-assessment - Pre-assessment is optional to identify any omissions or weaknesses that need to be addressed.

6. Assessment - Assessment consists of multiple stages, depending on the criteria selected.

7. Certification - We will issue a registration certificate that clearly defines the scope of certification.

8. Compliance - Your account manager will continue to evaluate to support your company's continuous improvement.

9. Learn about your certificate - How to grant, reject, suspend, revoke and reduce the scope of certification.

How do you maintain your certification?

      Once you've been certified successfully, you can't simply expect your organization to maintain a high level of operation of your system over the long term based on your work practices. You need to focus on turning compliance into a continuous habit, otherwise you won't be able to experience the long-term benefits of standards. These benefits are real and clear, but require a genuine commitment from the organization to continuous improvement. Of course, we will conduct an annual compliance check to let you know if there has been a decline in standard operation, but it is not advisable to rush to improve the standard spree before the annual review. Maintaining and improving standards is a daunting task and needs to be an integral part of the day-to-day operations of your entire organization.

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