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CSR Internal Auditor Training

      Corporate social responsibility awareness has been widely recognized by all walks of life in Europe, the United States and other countries, and it is increasingly valued by enterprises in China. It mainly emphasizes that while companies create profits and bear legal responsibility to shareholders, they also have to bear responsibilities to employees, consumers, communities and the environment. Corporate social responsibility and sustainable development complement each other. If Chinese companies fail to fulfill their social responsibilities or receive support from the society, it is difficult to further expand the market and become stronger. As a result, corporate social responsibility is seen as a new technical obstacle, and more and more factories are being audited by buyers to ensure the safety of orders.


Training purpose:

      This training will introduce the entire process of corporate social responsibility auditing, preliminary preparation, report production, and interview techniques, etc., in order to allow students to have a deeper understanding of corporate social responsibility auditing and industry / cultural related content.

Training content

General introduction of social responsibility audit

Audit requirements and processes



China's main regulations explained


Certificates and qualifications

      Participants who complete this course can obtain a Madeown training certificate (the training records can be found online through the certificate number)

Training object

      Socially responsible personnel (e.g. EHS heads, human resource managers, plant managers), people with the basic knowledge of social responsibility and interested in CORPORATE social responsibility


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