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C-TPAT Global Supply Chain Security Verification Internal Auditor Training

      In view of the growing threat from global terrorist acts and piracy, Governments and customs organizations have implemented supply chain security standards to ensure the security of trade flows, protect them from terrorist acts and combat illicit trafficking. In implementing and complying with new international supply chain security standards, companies must assess their supply chains to identify, mitigate and mitigate all potential security risks. The mission of the Global Supply Chain Security Verification System is to work with suppliers and importers around the world to promote the development of a global safety certification system that helps all members enhance safety and risk control, improve supply chain efficiency, and reduce costs. C-TPAT's advanced scoring system has been recognized globally for the requirements of various international import safety systems, including C-TPAT, AEO, PIP and WCO, whose results can be shared by a number of importers, saving time and cost to manufacturers and being accepted by the vast majority of large importers. 


Training purpose:

      This course is designed to provide a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the C-TPAT system's requirements for factory safety standards, the content of the relevant audit process, and industry/cultural lying.

Training content

● Background of C-TPAT; 

● C-TPAT guidelines and updates; 

● Analysis of C-TPAT requirements; 

● C-TPAT audits common violations; 

● Internal audit plans and procedures; 

● The techniques for internal audit of C-TPAT; 

● Role-playing; 

● Exams

Certificates and qualifications:

      Participants who complete this course can obtain a Madeown training certificate (the training records can be found online through the certificate number)

Training object

      Enterprise safety system establishment and maintenance personnel, management system internal auditors, plant management or security personnel, warehouse managers and people interested in C-TPAT, etc.


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