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SA8000 Standard Cognitive Training

      The SA8000 social moral responsibility standard formulated by SAI (Social Accountability International) not only helps companies integrate social responsibility into corporate regulations and production operations, but also provides an objective basis for third-party certification of corporate facilities. Implementation of the SA8000 standard It can greatly reduce the cost of supervision and improve the management of the supply chain, at the same time win the trust of the public, enhance the image and reputation of the company, and gain market advantages.


Training purpose

      This course allows students to understand the SA8000 standards and requirements, so as to better guide companies to practice social responsibility.

Training content

● SA8000 historical background and development overview

● SA8000 Standard Recognition

● SA8000 Certification Program

● SA8000 Audit FAQ

Duration of training

1 day

Certificates and qualifications

      Participants who complete this course can obtain a Madeown training certificate (the training records can be found online through the certificate number)

Training object

      Senior executives, managers and people interested in SA8000.


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